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NetApp SolidFire Service Providers
Designed for Service Providers - competitive advantage guaranteed.

NetApp SolidFire enables Service Providers to deliver a better hosting experience to their enterprise customers delivering more performance and more predictability from their hosting infrastructure.  Infrastructure Fueled by NetApp SolidFire is the only way to deliver the predictable performance that enterprises demand.

The only storage system designed from the ground up for Service Providers

The only storage system designed from the ground up for Service Providers

Service Provider Solutions

Managed Dedicated SAN:

Scalable, Predictable and Secure Dedicated SAN Deployments

NetApp SolidFire’s scale-out, all-flash storage architecture is quickly becoming the standard for service providers delivering multi-tenant cloud services with guaranteed performance. In addition to cloud services, providers are also taking advantage of NetApp SolidFire’s scale, predictability and automation to deliver Managed Dedicated SAN solutions that support their customer’s broad regulatory and compliance requirements.

Managed Dedicated SAN deployments that are Fueled by NetApp SolidFire are easier to deploy, manage and scale than any other storage infrastructure. In addition, service providers are now able to offer a new level of application performance control by extending guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) to their managed SAN customers.

Managed Dedicated SAN - Scalability

Delivering Managed Dedicated SAN infrastructure with NetApp SolidFire is simple. NetApp SolidFire’s true scale-out architecture delivers consistent linear scalability of both capacity and performance as the system grows. Initial implementations begin with a simple 4 node / 4U cluster configuration and enables you to scale customer environments easily via 1U node increments, adding performance and capacity resources as a customer’s needs dictate.

Rack Stack Chart


Guaranteed SAN Performance, Unmatched VM Density

Guaranteed SAN Performance, Unmatched VM Density

NetApp SolidFire’s guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) technology allows service providers to offer Managed Dedicated SAN customers the most predictable storage platform behind each of their virtual machines. No longer do you have to spec infrastructure per application; now you can provide customers with true private cloud storage infrastructure in which performance and capacity can be controlled independently. NetApp SolidFire QoS eliminates the need to over-provision storage resources, and allows your enterprise customer the ability to set and enforce fine-grain QoS policies to each and every virtual disk.

Deployment Flexibility

NetApp SolidFire’s Mixed-Node Cluster Support allows service providers to offer the most flexible Managed Dedicated SAN infrastructure to their enterprise customers.

  • Start small with initial 4 node clusters (48TB) and scale up to 100 nodes (3.4PB).
  • Change the performance and capacity characteristics of Managed Dedicated SAN environments in real-time and without application disruption.
  • React to customer capacity and storage demands by moving storage nodes into and out of Managed Dedicated SAN environments without compromising any Quality of Service (QoS) settings.
  • Protect your storage investment with the ability to re-deploy and re-allocate storage nodes between different clusters without any data migration, reconfiguration or additional licensing costs.

NetApp SolidFire Managed Dedicated SAN

Automated Management and Self-Service

Deeply integrated with the industry's leading orchestration softwares, NetApp SolidFire storage platforms dramatically reduce customer deployment times.

Combined with rich REST-based API control, service providers and enterprise customers can fully automate their storage infrastructure and deliver unique self-service portals that give end users an unprecedented amount of transparency and control of their storage systems.

This same rich integration allows service providers to deliver the an integrated "customer portal" experience to both their dedicated private cloud customers and multi-tenant public customers ensuring a consistent and similar hosting experience.

Automated Management Partnerships

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

No one understands IaaS challenges better than NetApp SolidFire

Whether you are building a new IaaS offering, or looking to add Guaranteed Performance services to your existing offering, NetApp SolidFire delivers the most comprehensive block storage solution to fuel your IaaS offerings.

NetApp SolidFire’s all-flash storage was engineered from the ground up to handle the rigorous demands presented by multi-tenant hosting environments. NetApp SolidFire’s Next Generation Storage Architecture offers the ability for Service Providers to profitably deliver broad infrastructure capabilities backed up by measurable SLA’s.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Deployment

Built-in competitive advantage

  • Develop new service offerings and gain competitive advantage with firm performance SLAs.
  • Profitably deploy and scale performance sensitive applications from a single shared storage infrastructure.
  • Dramatically increase EBITDA with greater Infrastructure agility, automation, and end-user self service.
  • Enable customers to independently provision storage capacity and performance.
  • Dramatically decrease time to deployment and drive revenue faster with key orchestration integrations.

The Broadest Hosting Platform Integration

Broad platform integration allows service providers to quickly and easily integrate NetApp SolidFire into their environments. NetApp SolidFire’s unique scale, automation, and guaranteed quality of service capabilities, dramatically simplify storage management and provisioning - making true end-user self-service a reality.

Automated Management Partnerships

REST-based API

Complete storage automation

With a REST-based API at the core of our architecture, NetApp SolidFire enables Service Providers to automate every aspect of storage provisioning, management, monitoring, and reporting.

Service Providers are now able to easily integrate storage into their management frameworks and develop clear utilization reports that help you and your customer monitor their performance SLAs.

Deliver Guaranteed Storage Performance to Every Customer Application

Eliminate Noisy Neighbors

NetApp SolidFire solves the Noisy Neighbor problem

NetApp SolidFire Solves the Noisy Neighbor Problem. When multiple applications share the same storage infrastructure, they also share storage performance (both IOPS and bandwidth). One application – or “noisy neighbor” – can easily consume an unfair share of the resources. Leaving mere scraps for others. NetApp SolidFire’s QoS settings eliminate resource contention and delivers rock steady performance to each and every application.

The world's most scalable primary storage system for delivering IaaS

Performance and Capacity. In Perfect Balance.

Rack Stack Chart

NetApp SolidFire Environmental Benefits Money isn't the only thing you'll save. With significantly higher efficiency than a legacy array, NetApp SolidFire's all-flash systems dramatically cut the energy, heating and cooling costs required by your storage infrastructure.

NetApp SolidFire Environmental Benefits

Money isn’t the only thing you’ll save.

With significantly higher efficiency than a legacy array, NetApp SolidFire's all-flash systems dramatically cut the energy, heating and cooling costs required by your storage infrastructure.

NetApp SolidFire Environmental Benefits

The SF9010 compared to traditional storage*

*Compared to a leading disk-based array configured with 240, 600GB 15k Fibre Channel drives in a RAID 10 configuration.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS):

Deliver agile, profitable Virtual Desktop Services

NetApp SolidFire is the only storage system that can cost-effectively deliver the flexibility and adaptability required to drive an evolving large scale virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment. With granular Quality of Service controls and a scale-out architecture NetApp SolidFire is uniquely suited to manage the mixed and unpredictable workloads profiles that exist in VDI environments.

Controlling Unpredictable Workloads

Reduces time to revenue: faster deployment

Adaptable infrastructure

Adaptable Infrastructure - Service Providers can adjust storage performance and capacity independently, increasing their ability to dynamically respond to evolving desktop environments and end customer demands.

  • Scale on demand with your enterprise customers
  • Deliver customized performance-based VDI services to enterprises
  • Adjust individual QoS control to accommodate boot storms, virus scans, patching and recompose operations

Lowest cost per desktop

Lowest Cost Per Desktop - Industry leading storage density delivers 1000+ desktops per single rack unit at less than $50 per desktop without impact on performance.

  • NetApp SolidFire’s all flash architecture with built in data efficiency ensures Service Providers can deliver competitive services and maintain profitability.
  • VDI Storage costs of $50 per desktop ($1.38/mo over 36 Month contract)
  • Less than $1 per desktop IO
  • Maximize data center footprint with by provisioning over 42,000 desktops per 42U rack

Eliminate storage sprawl

Eliminate Storage Sprawl - Service Providers can guarantee performance to each virtual desktop and each application, eliminating the need for islands dedicated storage

  • Linear scale-out architecture reduces planning complexity
  • Extremely dense deployment ratios reduce data center footprint lowering monthly facility costs
  • The ability to guarantee QoS to each application eliminates need for dedicated storage
  • Efficiently leverage both linked clones and persistent full clones

Granular scalability

Granular Scalability - Deliver incremental VDI service growth one node at a time without downtime

  • Service Providers can add both performance and capacity as needed without service interruption
  • Reduce operational headaches with no forklift upgrades
  • Always production ready. No downtime required to patch and scale the environment

Simplify administration

Simplify VDI Administration - Simplify complex operational tasks by removing VDI design complexity, streaming desktop maintenance tasks and by reducing administration time

  • Leverage known/existing desktop management tools
  • All-flash system speeds up provisioning operation and overall boot time.
  • Distributed cluster architecture automatically balances the workload across the system

Database as a Service (DBaaS):

Deploy thousands of databases from a single shared storage platformDeploy thousands of databases from a single shared storage platform.

NetApp SolidFire's unique QoS architecture is the critical missing link to deliver predictable performance from a shared storage infrastructure. NetApp SolidFire ensures that both SQL (e.g. Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server) and NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB) database workloads get the resources they need to run properly without the CapEx and OpEx burden of dedicated hardware.

Now you can mold your storage infrastructure to meet the needs of different database architectures, all from a shared storage platform.

Performance constraints of legacy storage architectures have forced Service Providers into dedicating costly infrastructure resources in order to host performance sensitive and business critical applications.

With NetApp SolidFire’s fine-grain Quality of Service (QoS) control, Service Providers can now deliver guaranteed storage performance from a shared storage infrastructure - delivering critical applications more predictably and cost effectively than ever before.

With proven solutions around Oracle, MongoDB, and Microsoft SQL Server, Service Providers are now able to offer a broad set of Database as a Service offerings and host them all from a single storage platform.

Set firm database performance SLAs

Set firm database performance SLAs

With guaranteed storage performance comes firm database performance SLAs. This capability has become a key differentiator for Service Providers, opening up the opportunity to host a broad range of performance sensitive databases. By offering databased performance SLAs to customers, Service Providers can deliver a new level of comfort to enterprises looking to run their critical applications in a hosted environment.


Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) at the Core

Deliver predictable storage performance to thousands of customer databases

Performance Control

Performance Control: Dynamically adjust storage performance on thousands of independent volumes to ensure each database delivers optimal throughput with minimal latency for each customer.

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal Scaling: Linearly scale storage capacity and performance resources to meet the demands of your clients rapid application data growth. NetApp SolidFire’s patented storage QoS allows Service Providers to offer dedicated SAN performance with the pricing and value proposition of a multi-tenant cloud.

Adaptive Infrastructure

Adaptive Infrastructure: NetApp SolidFire is the only all-flash storage platform that gives Service Providers the flexibility to align storage resources with the needs of their enterprise clients, and to respond to changes in real time. No need to design infrastructure for the application high-water mark.

Simplified Management

Simplified Management: Drastically simplified storage provisioning and management allows DBA’s and Operations technicians to easily map customer business logic needs against available storage resources. By eliminating the need for multiple dedicated database servers NetApp SolidFire consolidates systems support and management into one simple API/UI reducing labor overhead and drastically lowering operational costs.

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