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NetApp SolidFire Scale-Out
The World's Most Scalable Primary Storage System.

NetApp SolidFire Rack Stack

Scale-OutPerformance and Capacity. In Perfect Balance.

Today’s all-flash arrays provide noteworthy performance. But their available capacity and inability to scale is severely limited. This limits most flash arrays to only the most performance-sensitive workloads.

But NetApp SolidFire storage systems combine all flash performance with the capacity and cost effectiveness of disk, making the system suitable to a broad set of enterprise applications. With NetApp SolidFire’s scale-out architecture, you simply manage flexible pools of capacity and performance, eliminating storage islands and the need to deploy different architectures for different workloads.

scale-out chart

Easily mix capacity, performance, and protocols within a single all-flash array

Mixed-Node Cluster Support

Carbon Mixed Nodes

Bottom line, NetApp SolidFire Scale-Out architecture offers you:

Non-disruptive system expansion / contraction

Expanding a NetApp SolidFire system is as simple as adding 1U storage nodes to an established cluster - all without disrupting service or compromising volume level Quality of Service (QoS) settings.

As nodes are added to a cluster, each delivers an exact amount of additional performance and capacity for a predictable pattern of linear scalability. Data is automatically redistributed in the background across all nodes in the cluster, maintaining perfect balance as the system grows.

Non-disruptive system expansion / contraction

Instant resource availability

When new nodes are added to the storage system, their additional capacity and performance resources are added to the overall resources of the cluster. Once added, the additional capacity and performance resources are instantly available to each and every volume within the system - eliminating the need to reallocate volumes over new drives.

Instant resource availability

Seamless generational upgrades: The end of data migration

Imagine a storage system that never requires a full-scale generational upgrade. With NetApp SolidFire, new nodes with more capacity and performance are simply added to the established cluster, while old nodes are removed and retired. No rebalancing, restriping or volume re-allocation required. And all Quality of Service (QoS) settings remain enforced.

Seamless generational upgrades: The end of data migration

Predictable scale. Without performance degradation.

Simplify storage planning and scale.

The NetApp SolidFire storage system leverages a true Scale-Out architecture that delivers consistent linear scalability of both capacity and performance as the system grows.

Initial implementations begin with a simple 5 node / 5U cluster configuration and scale out easily via 1U node increments, allowing customers to add performance and capacity resources as needs dictate. Eliminate multi-year capacity and performance projections and scale on demand.

Rack Stack Chart

Systems at Scale.

Cluster Size 4 Nodes 10 Nodes 20 Nodes 40 Nodes 60 Nodes 80 Nodes 100 Nodes
Effective Capacity** SF2405 35TB 86TB 173TB 346TB 518TB 691TB 864TB
SF4805 69TB 173TB 346TB 691TB 1.0PB 1.4PB 1.7PB
SF9010 138TB 346TB 692TB 1.4PB 2.0PB 2.7PB 3.4PB
4K Random IOPS SF2405/SF4805 200K 500K 1.0M 2.0M 3.0M 4.0M 5.0M
SF9010 300K 750K 1.5M 3.0M 4.5M 6.0M 7.5M
kW at max IO Load SF2405/SF4805 0.7kW 1.8kW 3.6kW 7kW 11kW 14kW 18kW
SF9010 1.2kW 3.0kW 6kW 12kW 18kW 24kW 30kW
Rack Units 4RU 10RU 20RU 40RU 60RU 80RU 100RU

* NetApp SolidFire's SF3010 / SF6010 / SF9010 Storage System is scalable from 5 to 100 nodes. Groupings of 5, 20,40, and 100 nodes are provided above as examples of system scale.
** Effective capacity calculation incorporates data protection and use of NetApp SolidFire's data reduction algorithms.