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NetApp SolidFire SF2405 Storage Nodes
Scale-Out All-Flash Storage Platform Built for Public and Private Clouds

NetApp SolidFire SF2405 Storage Node

NetApp SolidFire Products
NetApp SolidFire Storage Nodes
USA: FREE Ground ShippingNetApp SolidFire SF2405 Storage Node with 10 x 240GB 2.5 inch SSD
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Accelerate application performance while driving greater consolidation, automation and scale across your entire storage infrastructure — with guaranteed Quality of Service.

Discover what your infrastructure can do with optimally balanced storage performance and capacity.

NetApp SolidFire provides a scale-out all-flash storage platform designed to deliver guaranteed storage performance to thousands of application workloads side-by-side, allowing consolidation under a single storage platform. Our scale-out system is built specifically for the Next Generation Data Center and has the unique ability to manage storage performance completely separate from storage capacity to meet both technology pressures and business demands. The NetApp SolidFire System can be combined together over a 10Gb Ethernet network or 8/16 Gb FC clients in clusters ranging from 4 to 100 nodes.

The NetApp SolidFire primary storage solution scales up to 100 nodes, provides capacity from 35TB to 3.4PB, and can deliver between 200,000 and 7.5M guaranteed IOPS to more than 100,000 volumes / applications within a single system - increasing overall business productivity through consolidation, automation and granular scalability.

Only NetApp SolidFire gives you this level of flexibility and scale.

One storage platform for confidently consolidating all application workloads.

  • For guaranteed application performance
  • For accelerated user productivity
  • For a simple, scalable flash storage platform

Only NetApp SolidFire gives you this level of flexibility and scale.

Mix and match any NetApp SolidFire storage nodes within a system to take advantage of the most current and cost-effective flash technology available.

  • Scale-out storage architecture
  • 4 to 100 nodes per system
  • 35TB to 3.5PB effective capacity
  • 200,000 to 7.5M IOPS

Choose your nodes to right-size the predictability, automation and scalability of your NetApp SolidFire storage platform.

Choose your nodes to right-size the predictability, automation and scalability of your NetApp SolidFire storage platform

Smash silos and consolidate mixed workloads with guaranteed storage performance.

With NetApp SolidFire, you can consolidate all your critical application workloads within a single infrastructure to eliminate the cost and complexity of managing and maintaining countless storage silos – and guarantee Quality of Service to each application.

5-10X Inline Data Reduction – Do more with less

Inline Deduplication, Compression, and Thin Provisioning

Automate everything - If it’s worth doing once, it’s worth automating.

Slash your OPEX with NetApp SolidFire automation, and get rid of the menial tasks associated with traditional storage deployment, maintenance, tuning and troubleshooting. Integrate your storage platform deeply with your management and orchestration tools to streamline operations.

Automate everything



  • 10’s of TBs to multiple PBs
  • Non-disruptive scaling
  • No downtime scaling
  • Mixed node clusters
  • Linear Resource scaling

Automated Management

  • Instant provisioning
  • Automatic data distribution (no hot spots)
  • Automatic load balancing
  • Real-time volume level reporting
  • Proactive cloud-based monitoring
  • Comprehensive API
  • Rolling / live upgrades
  • SNMP support

Data Assurance


  • Clustered architecture
  • Wear optimized for flash
  • Automated mesh drive rebuilds
  • Automated mesh node rebuilds


  • 256-bit encryption-at-rest
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Role-based access controls
  • CHAP authentication
  • Volume access groups


  • Real-time replication (Asynchronous and Synchronous)
  • Integrated backup and recovery (cloud)
  • Rapid, space-efficient snapshots and clones

Guaranteed Performance

  • 100% flash array
  • Allocate storage performance independent of capacity
  • Manage performance in real time
  • Guarantee performance to every volume
  • Fine-grain QoS settings

Global Efficiencies

  • Inline & post process compression
  • Always-on deduplication
  • Global thin provisioning
  • No performance impact
  • Dense 1U node form factor
  • Extremely low power consumption


  • VMware vCenter plug-in, VAAI, SRM
  • OpenStack driver
  • CloudStack plug-in
  • OnApp built-in NetApp SolidFire control
  • Microsoft VSS provider, PowerShell
  • VMware SRM/SRA
  • Microsoft PowerShell

Data Protocols

  • iSCSI
  • Fibre Channel



Reduce cost and complexity by safely consolidating mission-critical applications onto a single storage platform.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) provides guardrails around performance per application/per volume, allowing more applications to sit side-by-side without having impact on the performance of other apps.
  • In-line efficiencies maximize space, allowing you to do more with less and reducing overall cost.
  • NetApp SolidFire delivers 89% less rackspace; a huge reduction in your storage footprint.


Increase productivity with deep infrastructure integrations.

  • Built-in automation eliminates complexity by reducing manual storage tasks and administration time.
  • Full API control means every single aspect of the storage system can be automated, increasing productivity along with faster, easier, more accurate delivery of storage resources.
  • Deep integrations with key management and orchestration tools allow for a simplified path to ITaaS.


Dynamically scale storage resources to meet business demands.

  • Granular scalability allows for a simple elastic approach to adding both capacity and performance
  • Scale the NetApp SolidFire system one node at a time with no downtime, enabling seamless additions of capacity and performance resources.
  • Upgrade without interrupting service or QoS settings to reduce complexity and protect ongoing operations.

Guaranteed Performance

Only NetApp SolidFire can guarantee storage performance to every application on the system.

  • Virtualized storage resources allow you to manage performance independent of capacity.
  • Fine-grain QoS (min, max, burst) gives you the fine-tuned control you've been pining for.
  • Easily adjust performance allocation on the fly without downtime.


NetApp SolidFire: all-SSD storage designed to deliver guaranteed performance to large-scale public and private cloud infrastructures.

Guaranteed storage performance at massive scaleWith the constant stream of high-performance applications moving into public and private clouds, traditional storage has finally met its match.

Traditional disk-based storage architectures were not designed to accommodate the massive performance requirements of computing at large scale.

Predictable performance
More companies than ever before expect their shared storage infrastructure to be able to handle performance-sensitive and missioncritical applications. System architects face significant pressure to deliver scalable and predictable performance block storage services.

In shared multi-tenant environments, the lack of predictable performance of traditional storage presents one of the biggest barriers to delivering business-critical applications from a shared infrastructure. To meet growing performance needs, administrators are forced to use large cache layers, tiered disk systems, and massive amounts of disks in large arrays.

The common result is marginal performance gain with a sprawling network of underutilized capacity that is impossible to manage and costly to operate at scale. It's time for a radical innovation.

Welcome to NetApp SolidFire's all-solid-statedisk (SSD) storage system – designed specifically to deliver guaranteed storage performance for large-scale public and private cloud infrastructures.

Guaranteed storage performance at massive scale.

Energy savings and performance gains
NetApp SolidFire's storage technology dramatically reduces the energy cost and consumption compared to legacy systems when delivering block storage at a large scale.

The exclusive use of all-SSD results in lower power and cooling requirements. And when combined with efficient capacity utilization, NetApp SolidFire's data center footprint is 600-percent less than traditional disk systems.

Scale-out, all-SSD storage below the cost of performance disk.

NetApp SolidFire storage systems leverage a scale-out storage architecture that allows customers to linearly scale both performance and capacity.

NetApp SolidFire storage is delivered via self-contained storage nodes that are combined via distributed cluster over 10GB Ethernet. A single system scales to 100 nodes, 3.4PB of effective capacity, over 7.5 million IOPS, and can host more than 100,000 tenant volumes. Because the resources of all NetApp SolidFire nodes are aggregated, capacity and performance scale with the addition of each node to the system.

The result is a single, high-performance storage solution that enables large-scale infrastructures to scale efficiently, on demand, and without downtime or impact to application performance.

Deliver predictable storage performance with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) designed for largescale, high-performance infrastructure.

Adding QoS features to an existing storage platform may solve one performance bottleneck for individual performance conditions, but this approach fails to solve the more significant challenges that occur at scale. Today's multi-tenant infrastructures require a purposebuilt storage architecture that solves performance problems comprehensively – not individually.

Rather than implementing individual features to solve for predictable performance, NetApp SolidFire delivers the only storage QoS architecture designed to completely eliminate noisy neighbors in a multi-tenant environment.

The six key components of the QoS benchmark architecture are:

All-SSD architecture — Deliver consistent latency for every I/O.
Without an all-SSD architecture, guaranteeing storage performance is impossible. Tiered and hybrid disk solutions are all subject to unpredictable, rapid changes in I/O latency that prevent predictable performance.

True scale-out architecture — Linear, predictable performance gains as systems scale.
True QoS requires that storage systems are always aware of the total available performance. As systems scale, they must be capable of increasing both capacity and performance independently and in a predictable, linear pattern.

RAID-less data protection — Ensure predictable performance in any failure condition.
To deliver guaranteed QoS, systems must eliminate the performance variability caused by disk failures. Only RAID-less data protection delivers the predictable performance required for supporting firm performance service level agreements.

Balanced load distribution — Eliminate hot spots that create unpredictable I/O latency.
To deliver true storage QoS, systems must be capable of balancing both performance and capacity evenly across the entire system. Distribution of data based upon type rather than location eliminates the hot spots caused by problematic application behavior.

Fine-grain QoS control — Completely eliminate noisy neighbors and guarantee volume performance.
True storage QoS requires a robust model for configuring QoS settings for individual volumes. The system must also accommodate bursty workloads, changing performance requirements, different I/O patterns, and the possibility of over-provisioning.

Performance virtualization — Control performance independent of capacity, and on demand.
Ensuring that performance resources are available on demand is essential to delivering QoS. Achieving that capability requires the ability to change performance levels on the fly without migrating data or affecting the performance of other applications.

Only through these six architectural requirements for delivering true QoS can storage administrators guarantee performance, regardless of system function or application activity.

The NetApp SolidFire solution separates storage performance from storage capacity and virtualizes each one independently. We empower providers to literally dial in the exact performance requirements for every volume within the system and guarantee that performance for the life of the volume. This capability allows providers to easily dictate the minimum, maximum, and burst performance for each volume and application within the system. This functionality can be automated, monitored, and changed through the NetApp SolidFire API without data migration or impacting overall system performance. Now, you can guarantee storage performance at a price per gigabyte that is below the cost of performance spinning disk-based solutions.

The foundation for all-SSD performance and fine-grain control.

NetApp SolidFire Element™ storage operating system
NetApp SolidFire storage systems are powered by the NetApp SolidFire Element operating system. Each node is equipped with a complete, all-inclusive feature set. No matter what NetApp SolidFire storage system you choose, the management and feature set is consistent and requires no additional cost to activate.

Features include:

  • NetApp SolidFire HelixTM self-healing data protection
  • Always on, inline, real-time deduplication
  • Always on, inline, real-time compression
  • Always on, inline, reservation-less thin provisioning
  • Guaranteed volume-level QoS
  • Minimum IOPS
  • Maximum IOPS
  • IOPS burst control
  • 128-bit AES drive-level encryption
  • Volume access groups
  • Online volume growth
  • Instant, reservation-less, deduplicated cloning and snapshots
  • Native multi-tenant management
  • Proactive remote monitoring
  • Complete REST-based API management
    • Granular management access / RBAC
    • Tenant management and reporting
    • Automated cloud backup
    • Volume and system level performance and data usage reporting
  • VMware VAAI / VASA certified

Automate all of the tasks associated with storage deployment, monitoring, and reporting.

High availability and data protection with NetApp SolidFire Helix
One of the radical improvements driven by the NetApp SolidFire storage system is the removal of RAID algorithms for data protection. Traditional RAID controllers are too slow to keep up with SSDs and are unable to deliver guaranteed performance in the event of a drive or system failure.

All data within a NetApp SolidFire system is protected via NetApp SolidFire Helix data protection. This patented self-healing technology maintains data redundancy levels, regardless of the type of failure within the system. This enables providers to manage failures through their maintenance cycle and entirely removes the "fire drill" that traditional storage subsystem failures can cause. Helix data protection also reduces the exposure and overall system impact of failures compared to traditional RAID-based systems.

In most architectures, the loss of a single drive can have a 40- to 50-percent impact on performance until the drive has been replaced and completely rebuilt – a process that can take days. Within a NetApp SolidFire system, the effects of a device failure are proportional to the device's size within the system. For example, if a single drive fails or a 1000-drive system fails, performance and capacity are reduced by only 0.1 percent.

API automation
NetApp SolidFire's management technology is built upon a RESTbased API and is designed for deployment in a multi-tenant environment. The system allows for the complete automation of all tasks associated with storage deployment, monitoring, and reporting. Our robust API management layer also makes it very easy to integrate NetApp SolidFire storage into cloud management suites such as Rackspace OpenStack, VMware vCloud Director, or other homegrown systems.

All-SSD efficiency
At the core of the NetApp SolidFire storage solution is the patented ability to optimize SSD capacity – ensuring high utilization while guaranteeing volume performance. The system employs three key technologies that operate in concert across the entire storage system: deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning. Leveraged in real time, these technologies can dramatically reduce the amount of storage space required up to 70 percent without any performance impact. NetApp SolidFire's real-time deduplication is executed across the entire data store and is effective, regardless of how many volumes or tenants store the same information. Real-time compression and a 4K-block size ensure that data is compressed system wide – further enhancing performance through reduced disk I/O and increasing cacheable data size.

Thin provisioning is automatic within the system and does not use space for data that has been preallocated and initialized by applications or operating systems. Together, these tools dramatically reduce effective price per gigabyte, making NetApp SolidFire's all-SSD storage solution far more economical and efficient than performance spinning disk.


SF2405 Front and Rear View

Model # SF2405 SF4805 SF9605 SF9010 SF Fibre Channel
Drives (10) 240 GB 2.5" SSD (10) 480GB 2.5" SSD (10) 960GB 2.5" SSD (10) 960GB 2.5" SSD N/A
System Memory / Read Cache 64GB shared 128GB shared 256GB shared 256GB shared 32GB
Raw Capacity 2.4TB / 2.1TiB 4.8TB / 4.3 TiB 9.6TB / 8.7TiB 9.6TB / 8.7TiB N/A
Effective Capacity 5 to 10TB / 4.5 to 9TiB 10 to 20TB / 9 to 18.1TiB 20 to 40TB / 18.1 to 36.3TiB 20 to 40TB / 18.1 to 36.3TiB N/A
Performance per node 50,000 IOPS 50,000 IOPS 50,000 IOPS 75,000 IOPS N/A
Networking (2) 10GbE SFP+ iSCSI (2) 1GbE RJ45 management (2) 10GbE SFP+ iSCSI (2) 1GbE RJ45 management (2) 10GbE SFP+ iSCSI (2) 1GbE RJ45 management (2) 10GbE SFP+ iSCSI (2) 1GbE RJ45 management (4) 16GB FC, (4) 10GbE iSCSI SFP+ (2) 1GbE RJ45 mgmt
Power Supply (2) Hot-plug redundant high-efficiency 750W (2) Hot-plug redundant high-efficiency 750W (2) Hot-plug redundant high-efficiency 750W (2) Hot-plug redundant high-efficiency 750W (2) Hot-plug redundant high-efficiency 750W
Average Watts 130W to 230W, depending on IO load and model 130W to 230W, depending on IO load and Model 150W to 275W, depending on IO load and Model 150W to 450W, depending on IO load and Model 120W to 200W, depending on IO load and Model
Enclosure 1RU, Height: 42.8mm (1.7"), Width: 434mm (17.09"), Depth: 731mm (28.8")
Rack Support 4 post rack, tool-less sliding rails
Weight 17.2 kg (38 lbs) 17.2 kg (38 lbs) 17.2 kg (38 lbs) 17.2 kg (38 lbs) 16.3kg (36 lbs)
Environmental Parameters
  • Min Operating Temp: 50 degrees F
  • Max Operating Temp : 95 degrees F
  • Humidity Range: 10 - 80% (non-Condensing)

Systems at Scale:

Cluster Size 4 Nodes 10 Nodes 20 Nodes 40 Nodes 60 Nodes 80 Nodes 100 Nodes
Effective Capacity** SF2405 35TB 86TB 173TB 346TB 518TB 691TB 864TB
SF4805 69TB 173TB 346TB 691TB 1.0PB 1.4PB 1.7PB
SF9605/SF9010 138TB 346TB 692TB 1.4PB 2.0PB 2.7PB 3.4PB
4K Random IOPS SF2405/SF4805/SF9605 200K 500K 1.0M 2.0M 3.0M 4.0M 5.0M
SF9010 300K 750K 1.5M 3.0M 4.5M 6.0M 7.5M
Average kW IO Load SF2405/SF4805 0.7kW 1.8kW 3.6kW 7kW 11kW 14kW 18kW
SF9605 0.8kW 2.1kW 3.6kW 7kW 13kW 17kW 21kW
SF9010 1.2kW 3.0kW 6kW 12kW 18kW 24kW 30kW
Rack Units 4RU 10RU 20RU 40RU 60RU 80RU 100RU

* NetApp SolidFire's SF2405 / SF4805/ SF9010 Storage System is scalable from 4 to 100 nodes. Groupings of 4, 20, 40, and 100 nodes are provided above as examples of system scale.
** Effective capacity calculation incorporates data protection and use of NetApp SolidFire's data reduction algorithms.


Download the NetApp SolidFire Storage Node Series Data Sheet (PDF).

Download the NetApp SolidFire Solutions Data Sheet (PDF).


NetApp SolidFire Products
NetApp SolidFire Storage Nodes
USA: FREE Ground ShippingNetApp SolidFire SF2405 Storage Node with 10 x 240GB 2.5 inch SSD
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