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NetApp SolidFire High Availability
Helix Data Protection and Shared Nothing High Availability

High Availability

Complete data and performance availability regardless of system condition or application activity.

Traditional and NetApp SolidFire Storage Chart

NetApp SolidFire storage systems are built on a “shared nothing” architecture which delivers fault tolerance superior to today’s traditional disk and all-flash array systems.

NetApp SolidFire Rack Stack

Disk shelf failure

NetApp SolidFire’s shared nothing architecture does not leverage a shared disk shelf design as commonly found with most traditional and recently released all-flash arrays. NetApp SolidFire truly has no single point of failure and completely eliminates common failure scenarios where loss of availability or data may occur.

Disk and controller failures

NetApp SolidFire rebuilds redundant data across remaining nodes in minutes and restores complete redundancy - while maintaining all guaranteed QoS settings. RAID-based systems suffer significant performance degradation upon disk or controller failures, taking hours or days to restore redundancy and equally as long to replace failed hardware.

The most simple, flexible and efficient disaster recovery toolset of any all-flash array.

Real-Time Replication

Real-Time Replication

  • Quickly and cost-effectively create additional remote copies of data
  • Essential disaster recovery capabilities for customers without third-party hardware or software
  • Pair a single cluster with up to four others for flexible failover, failback
  • Maintains all Quality of Service (QoS) settings and built-in efficiencies, eliminating need for additional WAN optimizers

Native data protection to any S3 or SWIFT compatible system

Fast, efficient, scalable backup and restore

Only NetApp SolidFire delivers native snapshot-based backup and restore functionality usable with any object store or device that has an S3 or SWIFT compatible API. This first-of-its-kind functionality eliminates the cost and complexity of third-party backup & recovery products, while dramatically accelerating backup performance. Customers now can effortlessly scale backups for thousands of hosts and applications.

Carbon Integrated Backup

Proven Carrier-Class High Availability
Proven Carrier-Class High Availability

NetApp SolidFire operates at the core of some of the world’s largest public and private cloud infrastructures, and is fueling a broad set of new storage services with guaranteed performance.

Helix RAID-less data protection and High Availability

When all else fails, QoS never does.

NetApp SolidFire’s patent-pending Helix data protection is a distributed replication algorithm that spreads at least two redundant copies of data across all drives within the system. This “RAID-less” approach allows the system to absorb multiple, concurrent failures across all levels of the storage solution. In addition, failures are isolated avoiding performance impacts on other aspects of the system while all Quality of Service (QoS) settings remain enforced.

Helix RAID-less data protection and High Availability

Non-disruptive software and hardware upgrades

Kiss your maintenance window goodbye.

NetApp SolidFire’s shared nothing architecture allows non-disruptive software upgrades on a rolling node-by-node basis. Upgrades can be can done during production hours without interruption of service or QoS settings. New nodes are also easily added or removed from the system at any time without interruption or the need to manually migrate any data.

Self-healing architecture

Rebuilds take mere minutes. No more fire drills.

When a failure occurs within a traditional RAID based storage system, recovering can take hours or days, opening the window to additional faults and complete data loss. Within a NetApp SolidFire system recovering from failures takes only minutes and is fully automatic. In a failure event, each drive in the system re-distributes a small percentage of its data – usually 1-2% – in parallel to the free space on all remaining drives. Failure recovery requires no operator intervention eliminating the fire-drills common with traditional RAID based architectures.

Better encryption, better security

Better encryption, better security

NetApp SolidFire enables 256-bit drive level AES encryption at rest on each drive within the system making removed drives encrypted, eliminating the potential for data theft through failed or removed drives. Drives can also be secure erased via API command before they are removed to further ensure that no data is left on a removed device.

5 year SSD endurance

Legacy RAID systems really wear on you. And on SSDs.

Legacy RAID based systems are notorious for causing SSDs to wear out prematurely due to high write amplification. NetApp SolidFire’s Helix data protection incorporates endurance management techniques which automatically and simultaneously:

  • Balance wear distribution across all SSDs within the system
  • Ideally sequentialized I/O regardless of application workload from hosts
  • Leverage in-line efficiency techniques to reduce write work loads before data is written
  • Extend NetApp SolidFire drive and system warranty up to 5 years
5 year SSD endurance