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Fueled by NetApp SolidFire
Welcome to the Fueled by NetApp SolidFire Program

Fueled by NetApp SolidFireNetApp SolidFire is born out of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world and purpose built around solving the problem of delivering performance sensitive applications from a cloud infrastructure. We get cloud computing better than any storage company - whether you are building public, private, or hybrid versions.

NetApp SolidFire enables CSP's to deliver a better cloud experience

The Fueled by NetApp SolidFire program is designed to help cloud providers define, develop and capitalize on the new market opportunities made available by implementing NetApp SolidFire storage infrastructure.

Today's enterprises expect more performance and more predictability from their cloud infrastructure. They want the power to deploy demanding business critical applications in the cloud, yet lack the predictability of guaranteed performance. Clouds Fueled by NetApp SolidFire are the only way to deliver the predictable performance that enterprises demand. 

The only storage system designed from the ground up for Service Providers

Storage QoS Assessment:

Evaluate the viability of your cloud strategy

Learn the impact of NetApp SolidFire Quality of Service on your cloud strategyLearn the impact of NetApp SolidFire Quality of Service on your cloud strategy

Within the Fueled by NetApp SolidFire™ program, we work with our customers to identify exactly how NetApp SolidFire can help them gain a competitive advantage in the busy cloud hosting market. We work closely with CSP marketing and product management teams to develop new market positioning strategies that grow revenue, reduce churn, and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Your Storage QoS Assessment

NetApp SolidFire's Storage QoS Assessment is a quick way to understand how your current services relate to those in the market, and how NetApp SolidFire's guaranteed QoS can set you apart and increase revenues. The assessment is free and totally customized to your business and the market you are addressing. It is a great way to quickly understand where services Fueled by NetApp SolidFire(TM) will have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

The assessment is a simple, four-step process:

  • Step 1: Fill out the Storage QoS Assessment request form (below). Within 24 hours, a Fueled By NetApp SolidFire program analyst will contact you to begin the assessment.
  • Step 2: Together, we'll walk through a set of questions so we can learn more about your business and value proposition, customer profile, the products you sell and how you position them in today's market.
  • Step 3: Using your answers, we'll create your unique Storage QoS Assessment Report.
  • Step 4: A second meeting will be scheduled to review the assessment results and data points. You'll also receive a copy of the confidential report for your internal use.

What information does the report include?

  • An overview of your business' current market position (compared to leading competitors), and where market opportunity exists
  • Visual pricing and positioning outline to take a NetApp SolidFire-fueled solution to market
  • Financial model that includes: initial investment recovery, a three-year running gross profit, and an accompanying fully functional, Excel-based calculaton
  • Competitive pricing summary
  • Block storage market trends
  • IOPS consumption reference guide
  • NetApp SolidFire QoS Benchmark Storage Architecture Whitepaper

Take a look at these sample assessment report screenshots for more details:

Learn About the Program:

Guaranteed performance, differentiation, and greater profit.

The Fueled by NetApp SolidFire logo is a rapidly recognized brand that signals to cloud customers, the solution they are purchasing is built on NetApp SolidFire's high performance storage system capable of delivering guaranteed application performance.

NetApp SolidFire is committed to assisting customers in the development, productization and marketing of solutions Fueled by NetApp SolidFire. In support of these efforts we have developed a program that helps our customers deliver services Fueled by NetApp SolidFire to the market faster and with more revenue generating impact on their business.

The Fueled by NetApp SolidFire program sets the industry standard for go-to-market support.

Phase Program Chart

Benefits of the Fueled by NetApp SolidFire Program:

  • Go-to-Market guidance on pricing, packaging, and positioning services Fueled by NetApp SolidFire
  • Assistance generating benchmark data for use in marketing collateral (e.g. whitepaper, case study, video testimonial) 
  • Storage QoS Assessment.
  • Onsite training to your Sales and Sales Engineering Teams
  • Onsite systems Integration support
  • Co-branding and co-marketing to help accelerate time-to-revenue
  • Links to your Fueled by NetApp SolidFire solution page from NetApp SolidFire website
  • Fueled by NetApp SolidFire signage available for your office / facility / datacenter / industry events

To experience the benefits of the Fueled by NetApp SolidFire Program our partners are asked to:

  • Purchase a NetApp SolidFire Storage solution
  • Integrate the Fueled by NetApp SolidFire logo into your outbound marketing efforts
  • Participate in co-marketing activities promoting both brands in a clear and positive manner