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NetApp SolidFire Automated Management
Easily manage and automate your entire storage infrastructure.

NetApp SolidFire’s intuitive web-based user interface
Automated Management

NetApp SolidFire’s intuitive web-based user interface makes short work configuring both application performance and capacity. The secure web UI is built on top of the core NetApp SolidFire API. Interested in automating? Our UI gives you the API command for every UI action making script writing a snap.

Our REST-based API is so good we built our user interface on top of it.

Fully integrated at the core.

In large storage deployments, automation is the key to efficiency. NetApp SolidFire’s REST-based API is integrated at the very core of the system, enabling automation of every aspect of storage provisioning, management, monitoring, and reporting. So whether you have rolled your own management framework or are using an off-the-shelf management stack, our API makes automating storage management simple and straightforward.

REST-based API

No More

Tired of all the management baggage that comes with legacy storage?

We are, too.

  • Over provisioning, short stroking, or data migration just to gain performance
  • Performance variability caused by noisy neighbor activity
  • Tiering, caching, and prioritization schemes to manage and track
  • RAID group management, dealing with spare drives, or waiting days for rebuilds to complete
  • Fire drills to replace failed disks, shelves, or controllers
  • Generational upgrades or storage platform migrations to plan for
  • Risk of data loss or unavailability found in most shared disk architectures


Leading management frameworks: Now with native performance control

NetApp SolidFire’s API functionality has already been integrated with the OpenStack, CloudStack, Flexiant, and OnApp frameworks. This simplifies block storage integration and automation, and allows infrastructure managers to easily allocate, manage, and guarantee storage performance natively from each of these orchestration layers – thus creating efficiencies that actually improve with scale, not vice-versa. Performance controls can also be extended via a self-service portal, allowing customers to change performance on the fly and providers to charge customers based on their performance consumption.

Nagios, Net-SNMP, and iReasoningWe Speak SNMP, Too

NetApp SolidFire supports the industry standard SNMP protocol for monitoring and alerting. The entire NetApp SolidFire cluster can be monitored via a single SNMP endpoint, and SNMP traps can be configured for instant alerting of system issues. SNMP allows for easy integration into infrastructure monitoring softwares like Nagios, Net-SNMP, and iReasoning.


OpenStack, CloudStack, Flexiant, and OnApp frameworks